Everett (Snohomish County) Lawyer Defending Sex Crime Allegations

Being accused of a sex crime will affect the rest of your life. Just the fact you have been accused will result in a series of events, problems and consequences. You will wonder if it will ever stop. The ugly truth is that rumors of allegations, or of arrests gets around fast. It’s also true that most people – your family, friends, neighbors, acquaintances and business associates included – will look at you differently and will treat you differently because of it, whether the allegations prove to be true or not. You should know that contrary to what law enforcement tell you in the beginning, there are a number of defenses against sex crime allegations.

Whether you are innocent or guilty, aggressive advocacy and knowledgeable advice are two things you cannot afford to do without. Contact me.

Defending Against False Allegations of a Sex Crime

This is the battle of your life. A battle that is complicated and a battle with rules that often favor the other side. Just because you are innocent does not guarantee you won’t go to prison. I have the skills to understand and develop the reasons people are falsely accused and to explain those to the prosecutor, the court and the jury. I look for evidence of depression, drug or alcohol abuse, and a pattern of vindictive behavior that has resulted in similar charges in the past. When evidence is involved, I ask an independent lab to conduct tests on available evidence while exposing the mishandling of evidence on the part of law enforcement.

Defending Against Admission of Fault of a Sex Crime

Often my clients have done bad things and they are willing to admit those mistakes. The law provides for treatment alternatives to a long prison sentence in some cases. In other cases I can help my clients get appropriate treatment and expert recommendations. There are many ways for an attorney to use a confession or admission to help their client. If you have already admitted your mistake do not think all is lost. If you were abused as a child, suffer from depression, or are taking psychotropic prescription medication, the court may reduce your sentence if it believes your actions stem from underlying problems that do not make you a general threat to others. I can help. Call me today.

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I represent people from throughout the State of Washington who have been charged with crimes ranging from child sex abuse and the Internet solicitation of minors, to sexual assault and failing to register as a sex offender. What all sex offense charges have in common with one another is the severity of their consequences and the complexity of their defense. These difficult cases demand experienced and aggressive counsel.

The consequences can include:

  • Lengthy prison sentences – Washington’s sentencing guidelines for sex-related crimes are harsh. Many sex offense crimes make you eligible for a life sentence. Judges do not like to be seen as soft on crime and prosecutors will spare no effort trying to convict you.
  • Infamy and shame – Sex offender registration is mandatory for anyone convicted of a sex crime. You will not only have to register with local authorities wherever you go but can also expect to have your photograph and information about your conviction published, either in print or online, wherever you happen to live.
  • Limited options for the rest of your life – Where you live, the kinds of jobs you can have, and other freedoms normally taken for granted can all be severely limited as a condition of your release. If not, prospective lenders, landlords and employers are likely to limit them for you anyway.


Sex Crime Investigations in Washington

If you are under investigation for a sex crime, you will likely receive a call from a detective. A social worker or someone from Child Protective Services (CPS) may also call or even show up at your door, saying that they are investigating the safety of your home for your child. These investigators are only concerned with gathering incriminating evidence to build their case against a suspect.

Snohomish County Attorney Representation during Investigation Phase

I advise and represent clients who are under investigation for sex crimes. If involved early enough, I may be able to head off an investigation where there isn’t enough evidence to justify going forward. Also, I may be able to stop CPS from taking your children.

If you’ve been contacted by police or agency personnel regarding an allegation of sex abuse, you need to contact me today to schedule a meeting and discuss your case.

What to do if law enforcement want to talk to you

You should know that the police not only won’t tell you everything they know regarding you or the case that is being prepared against you, but they may actually tell you false information in order to get you to talk. It is very possible that a warrant for your arrest may have already been issued. It would be a big mistake to think that you can talk your way out of being arrested or charged. What you tell police will be used against you later, especially if what you tell investigators conflicts with what they already know or have been told by others. You should know that if you let police into your home, they may look for anything they believe is a threat or evidence of criminal activity.

What to do if a warrant for your arrest is issued

If a warrant has been issued for your arrest, I can help you turn yourself in. It may be important for you to avoid being arrested at work, in front of friends or family. I can help a client get prepared for posting bail, and avoiding being deemed a “flight risk.” I can represent you during a bond hearing, requesting that your bond be reduced.

Evidence and Obstruction of Justice

You should not attempt to destroy records or materials, or attempt to influence someone’s testimony. Actions like that can expose you to obstruction of justice charges. Even if you’re found innocent of the charges against you, you could face prosecution and be sent to jail on witness tampering or obstruction justice charges.

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I understand the tactics investigators use during a sex crimes investigation. I know how to protect your rights at this pivotal moment. Before you talk to detectives, contact me at 206-226-7996.


Aggressive and Experienced Sex Crime Defense Lawyer

There are two stages of an aggressive and experienced defense: the first stage is defending against the accusation by challenging evidence, intent, mistakes by investigators. The second stage is, if convicted, using various tools to mitigate sentencing and obtain alternatives to prison.

Anna Goykhman has been aggressively defending those falsely accused of sex crimes for over a decade. She has the experience, knowledge, tenacity and energy to leave no stone unturned in your defense.

Snohomish County Sex Crime Defense Attorney

Anna Goykhman works with private investigators, forensic experts, psychologists, and computer experts to challenge the charges against her clients. She meticulously reviews the actions of police officers, investigators, child examiners, and police forensic personnel in order to expose mistakes, constitutional violations, and ignored evidence on the part of the prosecution.

If you have been arrested or if you are under investigation, call me today to set up an appointment.

Defending Those Accused of Sex Crimes

In confronting the prosecution’s case against my clients, I review and consider the following issues, depending on the facts of a case:

Consent Defense

Where allegations are of rape and sexual assault, consent is an important issue. Is there enough evidence to clearly indicate sexual relations were not consensual? Does the alleged victim have a history of making similar claims? Does the alleged victim suffer from mental illness, drug or alcohol abuse or addiction, or have a personal vendetta against my client?

Age Defense

If an under-age teenager uses a fake ID to gain entry into a bar or in some other way caused people to believe the teenager was older, my accused client may have had no reason to assume the teen was under-age. In cases involving child pornography, is there clear evidence or reason to think that a photo was intended to be one of an under-age teen? Can it be proven that the material was used specifically because it was supposed to be of an under-age subject?

Trafficking in Juvenile Prostitutes

In the state of Washington, in order to convict a person of trafficking in juvenile prostitutes, the government must prove that a sexual patron saw the juvenile’s ID indicating that he or she was under-age.

False Memory Syndrome

Research has shown that in some cases, children and even adults claim terrible traumatic events happened that in fact did not ever happen. In order to show that a memory is a false memory, eyewitnesses may be called or evidence presented that indicates aspects of a memory do not align with the truth.

Physical Characteristics

In many molestation or rape cases, the alleged victim should be able to describe certain unique physical characteristics of the accused person. In some cases, the inability to identify unique physical characteristics may be grounds for a case’s dismissal.

Obtaining Alternatives to Prison in Sentencing for Clients

  • Is my client a victim of sexual abuse?
    • Research shows that victims of sexual abuse themselves are more likely to become abusers as adults. Of course this is not an excuse their behavior, the court may agree to recommend counseling or treatment instead of a lengthy prison sentence.
  • Mental Illness and Depression
    • If diagnosed with a mental illness, the court may order treatment instead of incarceration.