The nervousness you felt seeing the blue lights behind you was just the beginning. As the ordeal turned into an investigation for DUI, your nervousness turned to panic. Your fear and humiliation caused the typical “fight or flight” response. The resulting rush of adrenalin made you shake uncontrollably as you attempted to perform the officer’s agility tests. Now that the night is past, your fear is still palpable as you consider how a DUI conviction could affect your life. Your humiliation is even more profound: you cannot believe something like this could have happened to YOU.

In Washington State, we have some of the nation’s toughest DUI laws. That’s why we at The Law Office of Anna Goykhman, LLC. are committed to ensure your rights are protected and your liberty defended.

The penalty for a gross-misdemeanor DUI in Washington State can be more severe than the penalties for some felony offenses. Confinement in jail and the loss of your driver’s license is mandatory, even for a first offense, upon conviction. Either may result in the loss of your job, placing your financial well-being, and the well-being of any family you support, in jeopardy. A conviction also results in mandatory court fines, costs and assessments. Add higher insurance premiums, SR22 insurance, and the cost and humiliation of a mandatory ignition interlock device and you begin to realize the full consequences of the charge you are facing. For certain repeat offenders, beginning July 2007, a DUI is no longer a gross misdemeanor—it is a felony.

You may feel anger at being in this position, but most people feel ashamed, humiliated, and depressed. Public perception of DUI is extremely negative and you’ve probably had that perception of it yourself. What will your family, friends, co-workers and employers think of you? This seems like a downward spiral, doesn’t it? With Goykhman Law, it doesn’t have to be. Today is the day your downward spiral looks up.

Today you’ve found a lawyer who is confident and aggressive, yet caring. You’ve found a firm that does more than just the basics in your defense. We add innovation, creativity, and fresh approaches to talent, bringing you the aggressive advocacy upon which you can depend. You’ve found a firm that will conduct an independent investigation to uncover facts favorable to you that the police neglected to include in their report accusing you of the crime.

Go ahead, breathe a sigh of relief. Your lawyer will take care of your rights. To start the process, please submit your information for a free case evaluation or by calling (206) 226-7996.