Accusations of Washington domestic violence (DV) crimes are taken very seriously by law enforcement, prosecutors, and the courts. You may face jail time and fines, no contact with your children and loved ones, inability to ever possess a firearm, and other serious long term consequences.

I understand after you have been arrested for a Washington State DV related crime you may have feelings of anguish, hopelessness, and even anger. Your life may be seriously disrupted due to an arrest or a domestic violence no contact order and you may feel overwhelmed by the charges you are facing. I am here to tell you that I can help you to successfully resolve your case. With my help, you will make it through this period.

Get Information Now

Please call me at 206-226-7996 to schedule an appointment to meet and discuss your case. We can talk about what happened, what you are facing, and what options you have in going forward. Defending people accused of Washington domestic violence related cases is what I have done for over a decade, and what I do every day. I am an aggressive and serious advocate on your side. I am proud of the great results I have obtained for my clients: with many clients having their domestic violence cases dismissed, reduced to a lesser charge or found not guilty after a trial.

Free Initial Consultation

I will meet with you in my office, for free and for as long as it takes to fully discuss the details of your DV case. I do this initial consultation in person (not over the phone) because this is the best way to hear about your case and give you legal advice. There is simply no substitute for a face to face meeting. This also gives you the best opportunity to meet me and get a sense of who I am and how I practice.

What to expect during our first meeting:

  • We will talk with you about what happened and why you are facing a Washington State DV charge;
  • I will explain any potential issues that I see in the case that may make it difficult for the government to prosecute you on your Washington DV case;
  • I will describe Washington State DV laws, as well as the Washington State criminal procedure that you will be facing over the next few months;
  • I can also outline different options you may have in your Washington State DV case; and,
  • I will provide you with a “To Do List” to help you resolve your Washington State domestic violence case in the best possible manner.
  • I will also discuss what my fees would be to represent you on the case.

My Job:

If you decide that I am a good fit to work with you on your Washington domestic violence case, then I will begin working hard to get a favorable result for you. It is always your choice who you work with, and I never try to hard sell you. It is important to me that we are a good fit and that you feel confident that I am the right lawyer for your domestic violence charge.

I have practiced in this community for over a decade, and have earned the respect of prosecutors and judges by being professional, prepared, honest and hardworking. I have also earned the their trust—many of my clients happen to be referred to me by prosecutors, law enforcement, judges and other lawyers in our community.

Representation includes:

  • Attending all court hearings with you;
  • Answering all your phone calls, emails and questions promptly
  • Investigating your case and reviewing the accusations, witness statements, and law enforcement’s arrest report with you;
  • Advising you of your options for your domestic violence charges throughout the process;
  • Aggressively fighting your case – this means negotiating with the prosecutor, filing legal motions, representing you in court and doing whatever it takes to get you the best deal possible for your case. ; and
  • Being there to “hold your hand” throughout the entire process – beginning to end, in court, in the office, and over the phone.